Online application and personality assessment for recruiting and hiring today’s young generation employee teams.

  • Saves time & money

  • Happier, more productive employees

  • Better recruiting / hiring results

  • Lower turnover costs

  • Increases guest loyalty

  • Increased profit and long term growth

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Frank Prices Ferret system has allowed my team to dramatically reduce the amount of time spent interviewing. We have a much better idea of who is coming in before they get there and that translates to extra manager time that can be spent elsewhere.

Kris Zdyb Rockin’ Jump Greensboro & Winston-Salem

Frank, another testimonial for you and your work.  We are currently hiring for our busy season.  I wrote an ad myself and got 2 applications   I posted your ad and got 60 applications  All is great! We are using the personality assessment.  Your stuff works!!!!!!!

Elena AbramovichMake Believe Parma, OH

We have been utilizing the online personality system for a few years now and it has allowed us to hire a great opening staff at new locations by choosing the best potential candidates to come to our auditions!

Kassidy Thomas Tilt Studios (13 locations)

We have been using the online application and personality test for several years now, we could not imagine hiring any other way. It streamlines the application process, we get serious applicants only, and have an easier time placing them in the right position.

Madeleine Strupp Kokomo Joe’s, St. Louis MO

The online application personality assessment is a great tool for us. From the very start, it sets us apart from other employers and reinforces the fact that we are in a people business. Seeing the results of the personality test helps to know where best to place employees and how to develop them within their personality. It is well worth the investment

Kristin JohnsonRev’d Up Fun Canton, MI