Why do you do Birthday Parties?  Have you ever asked that question?  More importantly have you ever answered and communicated your answer to your guests, your employees, your suppliers, your banker and everyone else you know.  If you do, you might find an untapped power within your business, with an answer to a simple question.

“Why:  Very few people or companies can clearly articulate Why they do What they do.  When I say Why, I don’t mean to make money … that’s a result.  By WHY, I mean what is your purpose, cause or belief.  Why does your company exist?”

Simon Sinek Auther Start With Why?

Starting with why inspires people to take action … maybe that’s what’s needed for you to jump start your stale party program and get folks begging for a reservation no matter what your price.

The answer might be … because of the look that’s in this little girls eyes.

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